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Supporting the local community

Sherif & Maria have always ben closely involved with the local Bedouins. In 1998 Sherif El Ghamrawy established Hemaya NGO as a stronger tool for Basata to help and support the local community around them.

We help our local community by

Waste Management
Ramadan Boxes

Every year at Ramadan we distribute boxes for the poor local families, containing food & dry goods.

Food Box
Image by Yannis H
Bedouin Kindergarten

We rented out a house from a local Bedouin and turned it into a kindergarten for "Bedouins from Bedouins".

In the afternoon the place serves as a training center for local Bedouin women.

Solid Waste Management

Hemaya collects the garbage from the surrounding local camps & hotels, already pre sorted into organic & non organic waste. The organic waste goes to feeding stations for the Bedouins' animals while the non organic waste is dropped off at our NGO sorting station & is sorted into numerous categories. These are shredded, pressed and packed in order to be sent for recycling to Cairo. About only 15 - 18% of this collected waste ends up at the landfill.

Trips & Hikes

We only work with local bedouin guides to organize all kinds of safari & desert trips.

Desert Sand
Providing Free Marketplaces

We always welcome the local Bedouin women at Basata to display & sell their handicrafts.

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