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Every Day Green Practices

We try to Protect the Environment by

Plastic Bottle at Beach
Reducing single use Plastic

By using water dispensers around the lodge.

By not using disposable tableware.

By not serving food & beverages in single use plastic.

By not providing toiletries.

Waste Management

We separate our garbage into 5 categories. All our organic left overs are fed to our animals, while the rest is taken to Hemaya.

Around 80% of our waste is reused or recycled. We minimize the use of paper, by using Eco labeled, recycled & scrap paper.

garbage 1.jpg
Saving Water

We use self closing water taps in public bathrooms and reuse the grey water for our plants. We also use salt water for flushing the toilets.

Saving Energy

We use only Led or electricity saving bulbs around the lodge. Light detectors are installed in the outside areas and public bathrooms. We try to keep the  lighting around the lodge at a minimum to avoid light pollution. We also do not have air conditioning. 

Image by Riccardo Annandale
Staying Natural

We try to use chemical free cleaning products in our daily usage. We don't use any artificial fertilizers in our plantation areas & only use our animal’s manure. We try to minimize the usage of pesticides whenever possible, even our fly traps installed around the lodge contain biological pheromones only. Mosquito nets are distributed among all rooms for a good sleep. 

To minimize chemical laundry detergents we kindly ask our guests to bring their own towels and preferably their own sheets.


Basata was built in a traditional and resources saving manner, using mostly natural material such as bamboo, stone and mud bricks. The mud bricks were produced on site using our animals manure, salt water, straw & clay. All the natural topography and plants were kept in tact.

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