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About Us

Basata and Ecotourism


Basata in Arabic means simplicity. Its name reflects its basic core believes. 


Basata is an eco-lodge that attempts to create a unique form of tourism that has a relatively low impact on the surrounding environment and the native inhabitants, the Bedouins.

It has an underlying philosophy of trust, community, environmental protection and cultural understanding, that follows the definition set by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) that an eco-lodge is:

“ A nature-dependent tourist lodge that offers the tourist an educational and participatory experience, and is developed and managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. ”

Therefore, it focuses greatly on building material, unique architecture, solid waste management, and responsible tourism.

The lodge and its underlying philosophy are constantly evolving and developing organically according to the environment and guests requirements.

About the Owners

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Sherif El-Ghamrawy a well established engineer, who used to have a successful practice in Cairo became dissatisfied with the rat race, lack of trust and communication in the big city. He decided to leave the city and go on a search for a new place he can call home. After a lot of traveling he found a unique beach nested between two hills in a remote corner of South Sinai, with which he immediately fell in love with. There he founded Basata in 1986. His desire to preserve the pristine and at the time undeveloped area, as well as supporting the concept of eco-tourism, he chose to design and build the place as an eco-lodge.

Hence Basata became the first eco-lodge of its kind in Egypt. 


At his time there he meet Maria, his German wife, who continues to support his vision until today. Along with their two children, Sohaila and Fares, they are backed by a diverse and very friendly staff.



You will find more information about Sherif and Basata, in the links bellow:

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