Accommodation & Rates

Our Philosophy

Basata operates on a self service system based on trust, something mostly forgotten in the modern day life. In Basata guests help them selves allowing them the freedom to prepare their favorite dishes throughout the day as if they were at home. We have a kitchen area that is open 24 hrs a day, where we offer drinks, fresh vegetables, dairy products, pasta, eggs, etc. Guests receive a sheet of paper upon arrival where they write down anything they take and pay later once they leave.





We have our own little bakery where we serve freshly backed bread, cheese bread and feta pockets in the morning

and pizza for lunch.

We serve dinner upon request in a form of a mini buffet composed of several different vegetarian traditional Egyptian dishes on small communal tables, where people come together to eat and talk.

Dinner is for 150 EGP/person -

Basata Menu

Due to the COVID-19 we closed our self service kitchen.  Breakfast, lunch & drinks will be served upon request from our menu below. Dinner will stay as is, but served only for you with no one else joining your table.


We offer 3 types of accommodation, each one offering a very different and special experience.



Get in touch with nature.

Pin up your tent and enjoy the serene environment.



Enjoy a one time experience with an amazing view in a uniquely designed bamboo hut.



Let your senses immerse with the distinct architecture of a traditional mud brick bungalow.